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Request a wheelie bin, recycling container, sacks or liners


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Please note:

There is a £30 delivery charge for all new or replacement wheelie bins.

Residential properties can only have one wheelie bin. You will not get an extra wheelie bin unless you have been assessed by a Waste officer. If you want an extra wheelie bin due to excess waste, please see: problems with too much waste .

We do not give bins, sacks and boxes to businesses.

We do not provide bags for textiles. Please use standard carrier bags.

We are currently experiencing high volumes of requests for recycling containers, sacks, liners and wheelie bins, therefore please note delivery could take up to 4 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Please do not leave recycling in carrier bags (except textiles) or bin liners. If you do, it will not be collected.

In extreme weather, like high winds, please check the road or surrounding area for your recycling containers.

Use this form to request a wheelie bin, recycling box, food caddy (or liners) or green and white sacks.

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Terms and Conditions
  • I am not a business
  • I am not increasing the number of wheelie bins I am entitled to

Last Updated: 07/06/2012