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Please note:

There is a £30 delivery charge for all new or replacement wheelie bins. Most residential properties are only entitled to one wheelie bin.

We only provide bins, sacks and boxes for residential properties in Calderdale, not businesses.

We do not provide bags for textiles. Please use standard carrier bags.

Wheelie bins and replacement recycling containers can take up to 5 weeks to be delivered, at the moment.

In the meantime please present your normal domestic waste in black bin liners. Recycling can be presented in a sturdy bag or box until your containers arrive.

Please do not leave recycling in a carrier bag or black bin liner, as it will not be collected.

Use this form to request a wheelie bin, recycling box, food caddy, green or white sack or food caddy liners.

In extreme weather e.g high wind, please check the road or surrounding area for your recycling containers.

If you already have a wheelie bin, you will not receive an additional one unless your circumstances have been assessed by a waste officer. If you want an additional wheelie bin due to excess waste, please see our problems with too much waste page.

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  • I am not increasing the number of wheelie bins I am entitled to


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Last Updated: 07/06/2012