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Report a street light fault

We will normally attend a faulty streetlight within 28 days. However, where the power supply is found to be faulty, this will be passed to Northern Power Grid, which will take longer to resolve.

Please allow 28 days for us to repair faults before contacting us regarding this matter.

Report dangerous issues, by phone on: 01422 288000, (evenings, weekends and Bank holidays ONLY).

An audit of all the Councils street lighting columns is currently taking place in advance of an LED replacement scheme. As part of this survey it may be necessary to remove some lamp columns for safety reasons. Many factors will be taken into account when engineers assess the placement of the new efficient LED lighting columns and as such we cannot guarantee that where a column as been removed a replacement will be provided in the same location.

As there are in excess of 30,000 lighting columns throughout Calderdale the scheme is likely to take two years to complete.

If you know the column number for the faulty street light, please use the following text form to report it:

Report a street-light fault

Last Updated: 27/03/2017