Information on air quality, smoke control, noise pollution and guidance on applying for an environmental permit for an industrial process.

Climate change

An overview of climate change, the challenges it poses to Calderdale and the greater West Yorkshire region.

Contaminated Land

Land contamination results from historic land use that has left a legacy of pollution in a particular area of ground.

Land contamination reports guidance | Register of contaminated land


Details of the types of noise pollution, how it can impact on people's lives and how it is tackled in Calderdale.

Report noise pollution

Air quality

Calderdale Council monitors air quality in the Borough, in line with its responsibilities under the local air quality management legislation and guidance.

Air quality management areas (AQMA) | Air quality reports | Report air pollution | Wyles Low Emissions Strategy

Environmental permits

Guidance on environmental permits, with online application and postal application.

Current and recent environmental permit applications | Register of environmental permits

Smoke pollution

What smoke pollution is, how it is generated, advice on how to avoid contributing to it and on reporting smoke pollution.

Report air pollution | Report a nuisance bonfire