Apply for a Secondary Place for September 2019

Calderdale Council co-ordinates admissions to all schools within Calderdale. If you live within Calderdale, you must complete a Calderdale online application, even if you wish to choose a school outside the Calderdale area as one of your preferences. Parents of children resident outside Calderdale, who want to apply for a Calderdale school must apply through their home Local Council.

To apply for a school place is easy, please use Apply for a school place online

Need help or guidance with completing an application online? You can watch: A guide to completing a school admission online .

If you require any additional assistance with applying for a school place then chat online with one of our dedicated customer care advisers:

Before you apply

  1. Check Admission process for key dates and frequently asked questions ;
  2. Find schools Search for schools ;
  3. Preference up to five schools - you can find out more about Calderdale schools by checking:


Parents who are not happy with the school place they have been offered can request the name of their child to be added to a re-allocation list for school places. For more on this, please see: Reallocations .

Late applications

Late applications will only be considered after all applications received before the closing date have been processed. For more about this, please see: Late applications .

In-year transfers

If you wish to transfer your child to another school or if you need a school place at any time other than transferring from nursery to primary school, or from primary school to secondary school, you will need to apply as an in-year transfer. For more about this, please see: In-year transfers .

Each local authority must have a Fair access protocol, agreed with the majority of schools in its area to ensure that outside the normal admissions round, unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, are offered a place at a suitable school as quickly as possible, see: PDFCalderdale Fair access protocol 2017 [PDF 77KB]

Early years admissions

Some schools provide Early years education and childcare. For more about this, please see: PDFEarly years admissions policy for schools with nursery and foundation units [PDF 193KB] .

Todmorden high school: Proposal to remove the sixth form

It is proposed that the sixth form at Todmorden high school be removed on 31st August 2018. The reason for the closure is that the sixth form is considered to be no longer financially sustainable:

Calder high school: Proposal to remove the sixth form

The decision of Calderdale’s Cabinet is to fully close the sixth form at Calder High from 31 August 2019. The Calder High School sixth form provision is no longer sustainable in the light of national changes to funding rates, falling student numbers and the increasing financial deficit. This decision has been made following consultation and the period for representations.

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