Energy efficiency for business

Environmental Management Systems

An Environmental Management System (EMS) assesses your business's strengths and weaknesses and helps you identify and manage significant environmental impacts. An EMS makes you money by increasing efficiency and demonstrates your environmental credentials to your customers. It will also ensure you comply with environmental legislation avoiding a bad reputation and costly fines.

Calderdale Council adopted an EMS in 2009 and helps us to prevent pollution and improve our environmental performance. For more details see the Council's Environmental Policy and Calderdale's Environmental Management System. As we have a significant environmental impact within the community and to be fully transparent we elected for a certified EMS and are accredited to ISO14001.

A certified EMS may not be required for every business and depends on your size, sector and customer expectations. For businesses that want to demonstrate there environmental commitments but find the cost of a fully certified scheme to high, Calderdale Council in partnership with Calderdale Energy Future has developed a unique local environmental accreditation called the Environmental Business Pledge.

For more information on creating an improving your environmental performance and developing an EMS within your organisation go to Environmental Business Pledge

The following external web sites provide more information about EMS accreditation schemes:

Last Updated: 11/11/2016