Environmental projects and campaigns


Bluebells in a local wood

The environment is not simply a term that describes wildlife, waterways and landscapes, ‘the environment’ is everything on the planet - including us. Our whole planet, our blue marble in space can be seen as one ecosystem with all life relying on each other for existence. Human beings are the dominant animals on our planet and actions by us can easily enhance or damage systems that support us, this includes ecosystems and the climate.

Both the ecosystem and the climate is changing. For the climate this means we are likely to experience more flooding, faster coastal erosion, more heat-waves, droughts and extreme weather events. We need to take action now to prepare for these changes. Climate change is the most pressing environmental concern, however environmental damage effects  our health and lifestyle in many ways:

By working together society can reduce the damage to our environment and the Council together with our partners is taking steps to address these global issues through local actions:

Last Updated: 27/06/2016