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Search the Calderdale database of Listed Buildings for all buildings in the area currently registered as listed.

The "list" is a list of addresses and normally everything at the address is listed, including interiors and exteriors of buildings. In addition, any object or structure fixed to a listed building or within the curtilage of the listed building is included in the listing. If a listed building (or a group of related buildings one of which is listed) is subdivided, all the parts remain "listed" even if they pass into separate ownerships An example of this could be where a barn in the curtilage of a listed farmhouse is converted into a house and sold off separately from the farmhouse. It still remains listed.

Also, walls, gates and outbuildings are subject to listed building control.

The list description is intended mainly for identification purposes. It does not provide a comprehensive or exclusive record of all the features of importance. If a particular feature is not mentioned either on the exterior or interior of the building it does not indicate that it is not of importance or that it can be removed without consent.

Planning and Regeneration Services will be able to help you with any problems of identification or interpretation in particular cases.

Search Tips

Less is more

We recommend typing just a couple of words, avoiding being too specific, to produce useful results.


Avoid using commas. Eg, type '3 Hall Street North' not '3, Hall Street North'.

One entry can cover many properties

It's also good to know that one entry in the list can cover many separate buildings or structures. For example, a search on Kirklees Hall will reveal 16 records which represent only 4 entries in the list.

Last Updated: 18/03/2013