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The Old Bridge
Bridge Gate
Hebden Bridge


Visit Date: 28/AUG/1981

This bridge in the centre of the town has been several times severely damaged or washed away by floods. It is of stone. The present structure dates mainly from the early C18th but it is of great interest on account of several dated and inscribed tablets built into it recording various rebuildings or repairs.

Stone bridge of three arches no longer accessible to traffic. Roadway about 7ft wide. Round arches, single chamfer no ribs, pointed piers with corresponding bays on bridge parapet walkway. Two repair stones visible dated 1602 and 1637.

Visit Date : 15/MAY/1986

The Old Bridge at Hebden is built of gritstone and has three plain rounded arches, two of which are over the river, the centre one taking most of the water. The southern arch is dry and has a paved footway beneath it. There are two cutwaters on either side which reach to the tops of the parapets. The parapets walls are about 3.5ft high and widen out on the approaches. The surface of the road over the bridge is paved with sets. It is humped backed so would not be suitable for vehicles which would be grounded on the top. Originally it was open to traffic but is now blocked off by bollards. Over three of the cutwaters are triangular pedestrian refuges. An iron handrail has been fixed to the parapet on the upstream side. There are a number of commemorative plaques on various parts of the bridge. eg.
"Repaired 1600"
"Repaired by the Riding 1602"
"Repaired by the Riding by order of ? - 1657"
"Repaired 1845"
"Repaired 1890"
"Hebden Old Bridge. Erected circa AD 1510, replacing a medieval bridge in timber. Many repairs were necessary in 1602 and 1657 and the parapet was repaired in 1845 and 1890. The eastern arch of the bridge spans the tail gait of Bridge Mill, originally the manorial corn mill of Wadsworth."

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