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Governance & Business Committee Monday 9th November 2015

Monday 9th November 2015


Agenda - 09/11/15 [Word file 100KB]|Word file

Item 4 - Minuets of the meeting of the Governance and Business Committee held on 6th July 2015:

Minutes of meeting of Governance and Business Committee held on 6th July 2015 [Word Document 87KB]

Item 5 - Review of Elections 2015:

Review of Elections 2015 [Word Document 90KB]
Review of Elections Appx A [PDF Document 196KB]
Review of Elections Appx B [PDF Document 110KB]
Review of Elections Appx C [Word Document 165KB]
Review of Elections Appx D [PDF Document 258KB]

Item 6 - Review of Members Learning and Development Strategy:

Review of Member Learning and Development Strategy [Word Document 46KB]

Item 7 - Review of the Role of Member Champions and the Convention:

Review of Role of Member Champions and the Convention [Word Document 76KB]

Item 8 - Corporate Complaints Procedure - Annual Report 2014/15:

Corporate Complaints Procedure - Annual Report 2014/15 [Word Document 118KB]

Item 9 - Capital Programme Approvals - Recommendation from the Economy and Investment Panel:

Capital Programme Approvals - Rec from the Economym and Investment Panel [Word Document 165KB]

Item 10 - Future Role of Standards Committee:

Future Role of Standards Committee [Word Document 41KB]

Item 11 - Attendance Management Strategy Update:

Attendance Management Strategy Update [Word Document 198KB]
Attendance Management Appx [PDF Document 525KB]

Item 12 - Council Recommendation - Flying the Union Flag:

Council Recocmmendation - Flying the Union Flag [Word Document 42KB]

Item 13 - Council Recommendation - Information for Ward Councillors:

Council Recommendation - Inforamtion for Ward Councillors [Word Document 23KB]

Item 14 - Meeting Timetable 2016/17:

Meeting Timetable [Word Document 50KB]
Meeting Timetable Appx [Word Document 57KB]

In the Minutes:-

a) decisions which have an asterisk (*) at the beginning need the approval of the full Council before they can be actioned.

b) an (E) appearing after the minute number, ie 123(E), means that the public were excluded from the meeting for consideration of the item.

It is possible to view papers referred to in the minutes at the Council's Libraries (online) and at the Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax.

Minutes of the meeting

Minutes [Word file 89KB]|Word file

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