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Source material: Archive sources

Whereas local printed sources take us back only to the early 18th century in the main, archive (manuscript) sources reach back into the Middle Ages and enable the local historian to study in depth many features of a community's history over several centuries.

Archives in print

Many original documents relating to Calderdale have been transcribed, indexed and published in order to make the texts more accessible for local historians. A great deal of time can be saved by checking the availability of such published editions of original manuscripts within the Local Studies Collection.

Archives on microfilm

Microform (microfilm, microfiche etc) copies of original documents have become increasingly common in recent years. This process makes it possible to consult documents, or documents with local content, which are housed many miles away, which are too fragile to handle or which can only be consulted during restricted opening hours.

Sound archives

Sound archives or, more specifically, oral history archives provide history from living memory and draw on the experience of those who are often excluded from the formal documentary archive, the experience of women, the working class and (increasingly) racial minorities.

Film archives

Like sound, film is a dynamic medium which, almost literally, brings history to life, providing a window into the past, documenting local industries, civic events and leisure activities in local communities over several decades.

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