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Weaver to web

About the project

From Weaver to Web started life as a project undertaken by Calderdale Council , aiming to raise the historic profile of the Calderdale area. It was made possible by an award of £106,000 from the New Opportunities Fund.

The project had two main objectives: preservation of rare and fragile material and improved public access to resources.

A key element was to produce a searchable visual archive featuring material relating to the textile industry which grew, prospered and eventually declined, in the Calderdale area. Whilst reflecting the centrality of the textile industry to the local history of the area, the visual archive also addresses the wider social historical context.

The original project employed three local history consultants who identified significant material from collections held by Calderdale Libraries and local partner organisations. This material was digitised, added to the online collection and made freely available to the public through the website.

From Weaver to Web was launched on the 10th of January 2003 and has proved extremely popular. It was re-launched with a new design, updated text and enhanced features in 2009 and is maintained and developed by staff in the Local Studies Department of the Central Library & Archives, Halifax.