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A Few Plain Questions - the 1837 election

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A Few Plain Questions - the 1837 election

Parliamentary election poster in support of James Stuart Wortley, 1837

Author: Unknown
Date: 1837
Location: West Yorkshire
Format: Handbill
Document ID: 102229
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The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 was unpopular in the North of England from its very inception. Attempts to enforce it in this area, in 1837, coincided with an industrial depression which hit the workers particularly hard. Opposition was seen across the West Riding - Bradford, for example, suffered severe riots in opposition to the Act, in November 1837. The Tory, James Stuart Wortley, stood against Lord Morpeth and Sir G Strickland for the West Riding of Yorkshire seat in 1837 partly on the platform of resistance to the introduction of the Law.

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