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Breck Sowerby

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Breck Sowerby

Exterior view of 'The Breck', Ryburn Valley, Sowerby, West Yorkshire.

Author: Unknown
Date: not dated
Location: Sowerby
Format: Glass Slide
Document ID: 101798
Library ID: 64

In 1666, Robert Tillotson, cloth-maker, lived in this house. He was the father of John Tillotson, who was born at Old Haugh End, Sowerby on 10th October 1630. The son was educated at Colne, Heath Grammar School, and Clare Hall, Cambridge, where he studied Religion, graduating with a BA in 1650 and an MA in 1654.

In 1664 he married Oliver Cromwell's niece, Elizabeth French. In the same year he preached on 'The Wisdom of Being Religious'. In 1666, he published 'Rule of Faith', attacking Roman Catholics and dismissing James II's attempts to re-establish Roman Catholic right to ascend to the throne of England. William of Orange supported Tillotson because of this.

In 1670 he became the Dean of Canterbury and Chaplain to Charles II. Appointed as the Dean of St. Paul's in 1689, he became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1691, maintaining this post until he died in 1694 at the age of 64.

Tillotson's grave can be found in St Lawrence Jewry, London. A statue was erected at St. Peter's Church, Sowerby, in 1746.

The glass slide is from the John Bates Slide Collection held at Sowerby Bridge Public Library.

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