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Aisled Houses in the Halifax Area

© Society of Antiquaries of London

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Aisled Houses in the Halifax Area

Lecture on a particular architectural style in the Calderdale area.

Author: Frank Atkinson & R. W. McDowall
Date: 1959
Location: Shibden
Format: Historical Account
Document ID: 101676
Library ID: P728L10622

Reprinted from The Antiquaries Journal (being the Journal of the Society of Antiquaries of London).

Based on a paper read on 7th May 1959.

p 1:     Cover page.

p 2,3:    Text from lecture.

p 4-7:    Haigh's Farm, Towngate, Sowerby (incl elevations p 5,7).

p 6-10:    High Bentley, Shelf (incl isometric drawing p 9).

p 11,13:    Lower Bentley Royd, Sowerby Bridge.

p 12:    Plans of House in Sladden Street, Boothtown. (see also Doc 100725p00001)

p 13,17,18:    Scout Hall, Shibden Valley. (see also Doc 100726)

p 14:    Photos - a. Haigh's Farm: closed truss at north-east end of hall; b. Haigh's Farm: smoke-blackened reredos wall; c. High Bentley: open king-post truss over hall; d. High Bentley: arcade post and braces.

p 15:    Photos - a. Haigh's Farm from the south; b. Scout Hall Farm; c. House in Sladden Street, Boothtown (see also Doc 100725p00001); d. Lower Bentley Royd, now demolished.

p 16:    Photos - a. Haigh's Farm: upper part of south-east aisle; b. High Bentley: collar-beam truss taking hip; c. Lower Bentley Royd: trussed rafters in hall roof; d. Haigh's Farm: Section DD, fig. 3: tie-beam continued on wall-plate.

p 17:    Diagrammatic Sections: I Lower Bentley Royd; II High Bentley; III House in Sladden Street, Boothtown; IV Haigh's Farm.

p 18:    Sladden Street, Boothtown. (see also Doc 100725p00001)

p 18-20:    Aisled Construction.

p 20:    Smoke-Hoods.

p 21-22:    King-Post Trusses.

p 22:    Sequence of Dating.

p 23:    Back cover with Printing Details.

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