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Act of Parliament, 1848

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Act of Parliament, 1848

1st page of act promoting Public Health via municipal management of water supply and sewerage.

Author: Great Britain Statutes
Date: 31 August 1848
Location: Britain
Format: Act
Document ID: 100926
Library ID: 28168016

The Act of 1848 for the Sewerage and Water Supply of Halifax is of particular importance as being the first to deal with this essential service. Prior to the building of the Victoria Reservoir, which was a direct consequence of this Act, we are told that water was so scarce in the town that some people were obliged to steal it, and the water supply near the Parish Church was polluted both by the nearby graveyard and also by a sewer.

The construction of the reservoir gave work to a large number of men who had lost their jobs due to the introduction of the new textile machinery. At this time the sewers were in a terrible state and an open drain ran behind Cheapside in the town. Eventually the Corporation's new system of drains and sewers made the town a far healthier place, but it was the impetus given by William Ranger's report on the water supply and drainage of the town which caused the improvements to be made.

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