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Curse of the Factory System

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Curse of the Factory System

An attack on the exploitation of child labour within mills and factories, by 'Honest' John Fielden.

Author: John Fielden
Date: 1836
Location: North Britain
Format: Tract
Document ID: 100903
Library ID: 27557060

"A Short Account of the Origin of Factory Cruelties; of the Attempts to Protect the Children by Law; of Their Present Sufferings; Our Duty Towards Them; Injustice of Mr. Thomson's Bill; the Folly of the Political Economists; a Warning Against Sending the Children of the South into the Factories of the North."

A 1969 second edition (with new introduction by J T Ward) of Fielden's pamphlet demanding Parliamentary restriction of child labour. 'Honest' John Fielden was a Radical MP for Oldham (at times between 1833 and 1841) and owner of a large cotton mill in Todmorden. He is buried in Todmorden Unitarian Chapel.

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