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Struggles of an Old Chartist

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Struggles of an Old Chartist

Memoirs of the Chartist movement by Benjamin Wilson of Salterhebble, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Author: Benjamin Wilson
Date: 1886
Location: Halifax
Format: Biography
Document ID: 100896
Library ID: 13960019

"Struggles of an Old Chartist; What he knows, and the part he has taken in various movements."

Contents include: " The Peterloo Massacre; The Chartist Movement and its Leaders; The Exciting Scenes of 1839 and '48; How Elections and Township's Affairs were Conducted 40 years ago; The Plug Plot Riots of 1842; The Origin and Struggles of the Co-operative Movement in Halifax; The Reform League's Agitation and the Hyde Park Riot; The Marquis of Salisbury's Description of the 1867 Reform Bill; A Complete Record of the Halifax Borough and Municipal Elections. &c., &c., &c."

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