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Sketches of Old Halifax

© Halifax Courier

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Sketches of Old Halifax

Drawings of old Halifax, West Yorkshire by Arthur Comfort, published by Halifax Courier 1911-12.

Author: Arthur Comfort
Date: 1911
Location: Halifax
Format: Drawing
Document ID: 100864
Library ID: 28164605

These drawings of buildings and views around Halifax by Arthur Comfort were originally printed in the Halifax Courier newspaper 1911-12, and then soon after published as an album. A further album of drawings printed in the Courier 1912-13 was published as 'Ancient Halls In and About Halifax' in 1913.

Arthur Comfort, born in London in 1864, became a master wood engraver. He worked for some years on 'The Graphic', the national illustrated journal, and exhibited his work at the Royal Academy and abroad. At the turn of the century, when wood engraving and other mechanical illustration techniques were being overtaken by photo-chemical processes, Comfort sought work in teaching and moved north. He taught art at Heath Grammar, and Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge Secondary Schools and lived at Swires Road, Halifax. In 1935, Comfort died in Halifax Royal Infirmary.

The sketches are accompanied by short descriptions:

p1:    Title page.

p2:    The Drawings - contents page.

p3/4:    Frontispiece - Mural Paintings in Debtors' Gaol.

p5/6:    Old House in Washer Lane, Halifax.

p7/8:    The Talbot Hotel, Halifax.

p9/10:    Lilly Lane, Halifax.

p11/12:    The Old Ship Inn, Halifax.

p13/14:    Halifax Vicarage.

p15/16:    The Ring o' Bells Inn, Halifax.

p17/18:    Bankhouse Farm, Salterhebble.

p19/20:    Shears Inn, Paris Gates, Halifax.

p21/22:    The Halifax Gibbet.

p23/24:    The Dungeon, Chapeltown.

p25/26:    Gaol and Stocks, Illingworth.

p27/28:    Spring Gardens, Ovenden Wood.

p29/30:    Haugh Shaw Hall, Halifax.

p31/32:    Booth Town House.

p33/34:    Wards End.

p35/36:    Spice Cake Lane, Halifax.

p37/38:    The Blue Ball Inn, Halifax.

p39/40:    Boggard House, Pellon.

p41/42:    Waterhouse Arms Yard, Halifax.

p43/44:    Southowram Bank, Halifax.

p45/46:    Little Lane, Halifax.

p47/48:    Lower George Hotel, Halifax.

p49/50:    Houses in Argyle Street, Halifax.

p51/52:    Union Cross Hotel, Halifax.

p53/54:    Octagon Tower, Halifax. [Wainhouse Tower]

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