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An old mill near Clark Bridge

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An old mill near Clark Bridge

Drawing of an old mill near Clark Bridge, Bank Bottom, Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1890.

Author: H.R. Oddy
Date: 23 June 1890
Location: Halifax
Format: Drawing
Document ID: 100839
Library ID: 14313753

Drawing by H.R. Oddy of an old mill below Clark Bridge. Clark Bridge crosses the Hebble Brook at Bank Bottom and its name refers to the clergy who crossed over the bridge to the Parish Church. The bridge was also the boundary of Halifax's Gibbet Law jurisdiction. The mill is now demolished.

Image taken from "The Yorkshire Coiners 1767-1783. And Notes on Old and Prehistoric Halifax" by H. Ling Roth, Honorary Curator of Bankfield Museum, Halifax. Published in Halifax in 1906 by F. King & Sons, Ltd.

Henry Raphael Oddy (1852 - 1907) produced landscapes, topographical and architectural pictures in watercolour, pastel and pencil. He was initially a carpet designer, and suffered long periods of paralysis of the limbs. He took up professional painting in 1890 and was a founder member of the Halifax Art Society. Brother-in-law to Halifax painter Richard E. Nicholson.

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