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Bandstand and Fountain, People's Park, Halifax

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Bandstand and Fountain, People's Park, Halifax

View of the Bandstand and Fountain at People's Park, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Author: Unknown
Date: not dated
Location: Halifax
Format: Postcard - Mono
Document ID: 100276
Library ID: 34572963

People's Park came into being after a trip to New England by Sir Francis Crossley, who was so impressed by the beauty of the area that he attempted to recreate it in Halifax and "to arrange art and nature so that they shall be within the walk of every working man in Halifax; that he shall go to take his stroll there after he has done his hard day's toil, and be able to get home without being tired".

Created in 1857, the Park was donated to the people of Halifax by Sir Francis Crossley, to be maintained by the then Halifax Corporation for all time.

Situated at the western edge of the town, the 12.5-acre site is in the heart of a conservation area. Sadly, the park suffered a decline in recent years but recent restoration work means that once again, the People's Park is a green and pleasant haven for the people of Calderdale.

The restoration work, a major scheme jointly funded English Heritage, the Lottery Fund, Calderdale Council and West Central Halifax Partnership has returned the Park to a condition that will bring long-term benefits to users both locally and from further a field. Work commenced in 1995 and included repairs to the Crossley Pavilion, replacement of all perimeter fences and gates, installation of CCTV (seven cameras), complete refurbishment of the Bandstand, construction of a brand new children's play area, extensive replanting and landscaping works, restoration of water features: fountain, lakes, promenade, bridges, sun-dial, cleaning of the statues, provision of new toilets and an Information Centre, replacement of the terrace balustrades, refurbishment of all paths, new seating and bins.

Still Standing 2003.

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