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Christ Church, Todmorden

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Christ Church, Todmorden

General View of Christ Church, Todmorden

Author: Unknown
Date: not dated
Location: Todmorden
Format: Postcard - Colour
Document ID: 100018
Library ID: 52115213

Christ Church was built with money made available through the Million Pound Act and was opened in April 1832. The intention in building it had been to replace the existing St Mary's Church but unrest arose among local people, who felt the new church had been built for the benefit of the rich.

In 1866, at the time Todmorden became a parish in its own right, Christ Church was designated the parish church and St Mary's re-opened as a chapel of ease.

Christ Church closed in 1992 and is now in private hands, while St Mary's continues as a place of worship.

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