Environmental projects and campaigns

Working with partners

River Calder at Hebden Bridge Weir

The Council works in partnership with community organisations to deliver environmental projects. This is done by supporting and promoting their work, acting in an advisory role on steering groups or working on joint projects.

Our main community partners

Calder Future

Calder Future|External link is a unique not-for profit partnership organisation which aims to improve the River Calder, its tributaries and bank sides and the canal corridor. Partners range from major organisations with substantial resources and responsibilities, small community groups and local volunteers.

The aim of Calder Future is to facilitate the involvement of local people and partners in projects to improve the waterways in Calderdale. The project is about giving people the opportunity to conserve local rivers and canals and create places that people want to live, work and play beside. The Calder Future Partnership creates solutions to problems on the waterways and provides opportunities for local volunteers to get involved in improvement projects along the Calder Valley from Todmorden to Brighouse.

Calder Future and the Council have been working together since the organisation was set up in 1998.

Activities include:

Following on from the Council working group, a wider partnership was set up and produced a five year strategy, The Calder Future in Calderdale – a Strategy for Future Progress. The Environmental Management team ensures that all Council departments implement this strategy within their different work areas.

Green Business Network

The Green Business Network (GBN) was established in 1995 to help small and medium-sized businesses in Calderdale and Kirklees to improve their environmental performance. The Environmental Management team has been a supportive partner of the GBN throughout its lifetime and continues to sit on the Steering Group.

The GBN assists local community organisations in implementing environmental projects, by securing millions of pounds through landfill tax credits and other sources. The GBN has promoted effective partnerships between the public sector, business and the community in pursuing this work.

The GBN's work is informed by a real commitment to social inclusion, and its projects actively involve the long-term unemployed, socially-excluded young people and those with disabilities.

For more information, telephone: 01422 647330 (open 9am - 5pm).

Last Updated: 27/07/2016