Energy efficiency

The Council's Housing Energy Action Team (HEAT) can help owner occupiers and tenants in privately rented properties make their homes warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to heat.

Heating your home

Ensuring your heating systems are as efficient and appropriate for you and your property as possible.

Home energy efficiency

Making your home more energy efficient, warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to heat.

Housing energy schemes

Living in a warm, comfortable home helps to prevent and ease the symptoms of cold related respiratory illnesses such as heart and lung conditions, and reduces the risk of falls for older people. It can help people who have chronic joint conditions such as arthritis, or have a physical disability or mental illness which may limit movement and / or mean that the occupant spends a lot of time at home.

How energy efficient is your property?

Reducing a building's energy wastage through insulating the building fabric is a great way to save money.

Insulating your home

By fitting insulation to your home, you will stop heat escaping, making it feel warmer for longer and also cheaper to heat.

The features of a home which lose the greatest amounts of heat are its roof (25%), walls (35%), floor (15%), door (15%) and windows (10%). Thinking about insulating some or all of these areas can be hugely beneficial.


Thermal survey map

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Thermal survey: text version

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