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Request gritting or grit-bin refill

Salting will be carried out on precautionary gritting routes when the weather forecast predicts that ice may form on the road surface.

Requests for roads to be treated that are on prioritised gritting routes will be looked at during normal working hours, once all precautionary routes are clear and vehicles become available. We will, however, respond to requests for assistance from the emergency services dealing with 999 emergencies immediately regardless of the road classification.

Online requests will be dealt with in normal office hours.

During evenings, weekends and bank holidays please report any dangerous issues by telephoning 01422 288000.

Check if the road is on a gritting route: Gritting routes.

Request for grit bins and salt pile to be replenished will be actioned during normal working hours.

Request gritting

Request grit-bin refill

Last Updated: 21/11/2016