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Shotokan Karate


Contact: Mr Andrew Nightingale, Manager

Address: North Bridge Leisure Centre, North Bridge, Halifax

Telephone: 01422 208600


Web site:|External link

Training all ages 6+ adults and children. Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Please check our website or telephone for more information. You are welcome to visit us in class if you wish to speak to us personally.

Further information:
The approach and one of the core philosophies of the IMA and its Chief Instructor and founder, Sensei Andrew Nightingale is to keep things simple to understand when it comes to training and "Just Teach Karate" as much of a complete system as is possible without losing the integrity of the Traditional Shotokan system, formally, practically, defensively, combatively. The IMA operates its home dojo from North Bridge Leisure Centre situated in Halifax, England where its chief instructor has trained and taught Martial Arts since 1989. We pride ourselves on being a modern thinking group built on traditional values and has been passionately driven forward by the same individuals for many years.
Whether it's Karate, Ju-jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kung-fu or Karate-jitsu just to name a few different martial art styles which you could be thinking about starting to learn we hope you find your way to our any of our classes at North Bridge Leisure Centre.
A note on the behalf of the student to always keep with them is "Karate is simply Karate", hard work and practice and, yes you have guessed it, hard work and practice at whatever age or level you may be. For more information about classes please contact us. We look forward to meeting and teaching you soon.

Last Updated: 09/12/2004