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Midgley Pace Egg Play (Document ID: 102379)

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Midgley Pace Egg Play (Document ID: 102379)

The Midgley Pace Egg Play.

Author: Unknown
Date: not dated
Location: Midgley
Format: Pamphlet
Document ID: 102379
Library ID: P398

The Midgley Pace Egg Play.
The Midgley version of the Pace Egg was performed at Easter and the actors were known by the names 'Pace Eggers'
It is a morality play and was performed throughout Calderdale. There is sometimes a mumming performance showing the triumph of good over evil. Various characters include a fool, St George as the depiction of good, a doctor, Toss pot the clown and evil as represented by the Black Prince of Paradine, who usually has his face blackened, Hector and Bold Slasher.

It was performed at Midgley in the 18th century and continued until World War I. It was revived at Midgley School by H. W. Harwood and F. H. Marsden in the 1930s and continued until World War II.

The play was broadcast to North Region listeners in 1931 and 1932. In 1934 the school pupils performed from Lacy Fold, Midgley for the radio and their performance was filmed for a BBC recording

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