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Kelly's Directory of Halifax, 1881

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Kelly's Directory of Halifax, 1881

Trade directory of Halifax and neighbourhood.

Author: Kelly
Date: 1881
Location: Halifax
Format: Directory
Document ID: 101264
Library ID: 28106996

Kelly's trade directories were well known nationwide in the commercial boom period of the late 19th century. The London publishers started producing national directories in the 1860s and continued until the 1930s.

NB The numbers on the page originals do not match the numbering of the document pages.

p 1:    Frontispiece with advert for Kelly's Printers and Publishers.

p 2:    Title page.

p 3:    Printer's details and handwritten note: "Messrs Kelly have discontinued publishing this Directory - November 1890."

p 4-5:    Index to Commercial Prospectuses.

p 6:    Index to Names of Advertisers.

p 7:    Contents.

p 8-13:    Details of Halifax and environs.

p 14-21:    Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c.

p 22-55:    Halifax Street Directory.

p 56-64:    Halifax Court Directory.

p 65-92:    Halifax Commercial Directory.

p 93-133:    The Suburbs of Halifax.

p 134-183:    Halifax and Suburbs Trades Directory.

p 184-200:    Advertisements.

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