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New Hall, Elland

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New Hall, Elland

Exterior view of New Hall Elland, West Yorkshire.

Author: Unknown
Date: not dated
Location: Elland
Format: Postcard - Colour
Document ID: 100249
Library ID: 34560209

Built by Nicolas Savile in the late 15th century, New Hall was originally a timber-framed building, encased in stone in the mid 17th century by John Foxcroft. The window above the front door is known as an "Apple and Pear Window" that is distinguished by a circular central window surrounded by 6 pear-shaped ones.

The area was called Elant in the Domesday Book, the name of the town Ealand being derived from Old English and meaning "land by the water, river or land partly or wholly surrounded by water". Alternate period spellings include Aelande, Ealand, Eiland, Elande, Eland, Ellande, and Elont.

Still standing 2003.

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