Booking fees

There are no extra fees for booking tickets online on any shows. All shows will charge a £1.75 Theatre Support Fee when booking via the Box Office and online, but the following shows are an exception and will only charge a £1 Theatre Support Fee only when booking via the Box Office:

  • Paul Chowdhry (Saturday 23 September)
  • Illegal Eagles (Thursday 5 October)
  • Sing-a-Long-a- Ricky Horror (Sunday 22 October)
  • Joel Dommett (Wednesday 29 November)
  • Jon Richardson (Saturday 2 December)

Theatre support fee

Like many activities dependent on public funding, the arts have been hit hard in the recent spending review. The Victoria Theatre is no exception.

Over many years, we have been listening carefully to you, our customers, and have responded by improving the services at the Theatre. More comfortable seating, better front of house facilities, new sound and lighting systems and, most importantly of all, top class productions on stage.

Since 1 April 2011 we have introduced a Theatre Support Fee. This is currently £1.75 and is included in the ticket price. All income from the theatre support fee goes towards maintaining and improving your experience at the Victoria Theatre. We have also recently removed the online booking fee. This means that the price you see advertised is the price you pay.

By coming to see shows at the Victoria Theatre you are continuing to support us in the most positive way possible. Finally, do keep letting us have your feedback: your comments are always read with interest and your suggestions are valuable to us.

or call into the Box Office.

If you are unsure about any of the fees payable for an internet booking then please call the Box Office directly on 01422 351158.