Mixenden Activity Centre - School Programme

School Programme

The individual agreed programme will assist young people to develop their full potential as individuals and as a member of society by:

  • Developing skills that will help young people make choices towards further education or employment; tackling issues around NEET.
  • Deterring young people from becoming involved in antisocial behaviour, drug-taking and any other associated problems.

Programmes are designed to support young people through the development of informal education; gaining new experiences; working within a team and developing decision making skills.

Through the provision of meaningful activities, our programmes will raise the young people’s self esteem and enhance their key skills.

How Programmes are Delivered

The programme will be delivered over 3 days a week for 12 weeks. It will consist of a set of core modules, including numeracy and literacy as well as bolt on modules which are negotiated by the individual participant. There is also the opportunity for a residential element of 2 days/1 night within the UK.

How Programmes are Built

Individuals will be identified and recommended for this programme through schools, SEN and other agencies who they believe young people would benefit from this dynamic programme. A taster session may also be set up to include activity sessions led by MAC staff to assess the individual needs of he young person identified before commencing the programme. This will ensure that the programme is tailored to the needs of the individual and positive outcomes can be achieved.

Initial introductory sessions with the young person will determine the type of activities that will be undertaken. These sessions will give the young person an opportunity to discuss the expectations for completing the programme and to reach an agreement on their behaviour and attendance.

Staff continuity is also an integral part of the programme, which will help in the building of relationships and bonds that will facilitate and maintain attendance, standards and the moral of each participant. MAC is committed to ensuring that young people feel safe and can get the best out of the programme.

What we ask from you

  • School /SEN will support all the people on the programme to develop.
  • A specified member of school staff / will be the SPOC (single point of contact).
  • School / SEN will supply pack lunches (expenses) to those young people on school meals.
  • Regular meetings with School / SEN be set up to discuss the young progress and monitor quality of to look at exit strategies.

12 week programme additional information and costings

Staffing at the centre include Qualified Teachers, Senior Youth Workers and Nationally Qualified Instructors all with first aid and enhanced CRB’s. All activities are fully risk assessed and are monitored by Calderdale Councils Health and Safety through the ‘Evolve’ System. Prices are based per individual.

Additional costs and specialist programmes will need to be negotiated prior to booking and any further costs communicated prior to commencing. This may include specific skills to engage young people or include residential costs and additional learning materials. Attendance details of each student will be communicated to school on a regular basis.

Individual reviews will be in week 10; this will include the individual, centre staff and organisation staff which will then form the basis of extending the programme to continue with individual development or including work experience (age dependant) or to include exit strategy to re-engage them back into a education provision.

Our Aims

  • Develop personal, social communication (relationship building)
  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Improve personal health and appearance
  • Enhance verbal communication
  • Enable self-motivation
  • Develop problem-solving capability
  • Address numeracy and literacy needs
  • Develop ICT skills through a portfolio of achievement


Each of the programmes we offer leads to nationally accredited qualifications, for example:

  • Work towards NOCN – Short courses/ Key Skills  PSD
  • NICAS level 1-2
  • St John’s Young Lifesaver Award
  • Outdoor Education National Accreditations in Mountain Biking, Canoeing Navigation

MAC’s in house accreditations include: Mountain Biking and Motor Cycling, Maintenance and Riding Skills; Orienteering: Bushcraft, as well as partner organisation’s accreditation in Health, Drug and Self Awareness.

Specifically, the TEAM project will directly contribute to all the Five Outcomes and Calderdale’s Young People Plan, being listened to and heard, be healthy, get the knowledge and skills needed for life, meet with other young people from different backgrounds, easily get in touch with the services they need and to be brought up in a safe and caring place.