Adult swimming lessons

We want you to feel happy

We want you to enjoy time in the water, whether that be a dip in the pool on holiday, swimming with Dolphins in the open sea, or a fun swim in your local pool for the release of energy and the feel good factor.

"The swimming pool for me was always a daunting place, not after the lessons, I felt much more confidence, not only in the water, but within myself”

Susan, Elland

You might have a unique reason for learning to swim, or maybe you have a desire to improve your swimming skills, well whatever the reason, we have taken it as our priority to provide swimming lessons for every level. So whatever your goal is, we have just the team to motivate, encourage and inspire you.

We will be with you all the way

Our ASA/STA qualified teachers will take time to get to know you, find out your goals, and work with you to get there.

Swimming classes

Man swimming in pool

Be a swimmer

New to the pool? Well everyone is new to the pool at some point in their lives. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one starting from scratch, oh and you will be safe in our pools with our team of super fit lifeguards and great teachers. If you fancy watching a lesson first to see if it’s right for you just have a word with the receptionist and they will arrange for you to watch a lesson and chat to one of our teachers. Hopefully you will feel that this is the right time for you to be learning this valuable life skill.

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Be a better swimmer

Maybe swimming has never really been your thing but now things have changed, you are keen to take a dip but you’re not sure that you will still be able to swim those lengths like you did? If you are not 100% sure then get yourself booked on to this class and let our teachers work their magic and re-build that confidence.

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Be a great swimmer

For the more confident swimmer interested in improving their skills then book onto this teacher led class and swim in deep and shallow water. In this class you will have the opportunity to learn a new stroke, improve your stroke or learn a new skill. For anyone thinking about entering a triathlon further down the line this might be a good place to start.

Turn it up a notch

Wanting to take your swimming technique to the next level? Book in for a 1-1 session with our master trainer. We will video you performing your swimming technique after which you will be able to sit with the trainer for analysis and feedback. The video, analysis and helpful tips will be emailed to you.

Stroke Skills

Stroke skills

Focusing on stroke skill improvement, we would expect all participants to be confident swimming at least 2 strokes. The teacher will then fine tune these strokes and work to a programme of length swimming. Also learn new skills like diving. For adults 16+ years of age.

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Swim Fit +

Swim fit +

Competitive swimmers, ex-competitors wanting to retain elite swimming fitness, triathletes or advanced fitness enthusiasts with a strong swimming background will all love this swimming fitness workout. A swimming coach will design and push you through this session. Many will challenge themselves and push their fitness levels to the limit but most if not all will come back time and time again to put their skills and fitness to the test. For adults 16+ years of age.

Disability class

disabled person swimming

For swimmers with disabilities we run a dedicated class designed to develop water confidence, improve technique, fitness and overall health. Our dedicated team are keen to help anyone interested in developing their swimming ability.

Other useful info

Swim Fit Cards

Maybe you can’t make it to a class, or maybe you just want to improve your swimming fitness but at your own pace? If so then you might find the Swim Fit cards helpful with its helpful hints and tips. Pick up your Swim Fit card from poolside today.

We teach kids as well

Check out our Kids Swimming Lessons for more information on the range of lessons for babies, toddlers and children.