Winter gritting

We are preparing for wintery conditions and this winter we are changing our winter gritting service.

Winter service and gritting

We have reviewed our winter policy to ensure that we comply with the new code of practice 'Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure'. This aims to provide a safe, well managed and resilient highway network for all who use it. The winter policy gives priority to high use roads. Also, roads that access community facilities, such as hospitals, schools and shopping centres.

The winter service aspect of the national code sees a move from specific guidelines to a risk-based approach. Appropriate risks are determined by each local authority from a wide range of evidence. The priority for road gritting is based on route hierarchy and level of use. Main roads will be gritted before other routes.

We cannot grit all of Calderdale’s road network because of the time and cost involved. There are 575km of A, B and C roads that are gritted. Some unclassified network routes are gritted, if they meet the criteria, such as bus routes and emergency services premises. In addition, slight changes to the routes may occur. For example, where there are road closures or at the request of emergency services.

If you want to know how we decide where and when to grit, view the Gritting Infographic.

Download the gritting infographic

In severe weather, snow clearing work is done with the following priority:

  1. A roads;
  2. B roads;
  3. remainder of the priority network.

Clearing and removing snow from roads depends upon the amount of snow and the conditions at any particular time.

Please drive with care, to the road conditions and exercise caution during wintery weather.

For more on how you can prepare for wintery conditions, please read: PDFBe prepared: stay winter wise [PDF 12683KB] .