Battinson Road speed reduction

The Council intend to introduce measures to reduce vehicle speeds and numbers on Battinson Road.

For this, Battinson Road will be split into East and West:

The proposal includes:

  • The introduce of round-topped road humps for the whole length of Battinson Road. These humps have a proven record of keeping vehicle speeds lower.
  • Outside the school, an extended footway will be provided, which will narrow the carriageway. This will lower the speed of vehicles and reduce the width of carriageway that pedestrians have to cross to the school. This will also prevent vehicles from stopping where pedestrians cross the road.
  • Near the Council depot, cars park on the North-side of the carriageway throughout the day. A parking lane will be provided and extended footways. This will narrow the carriageway and with the road humps, will keep vehicle speeds lower. The footway extensions outside the Council depot entrance will improve sightlines for drivers exiting the depot.
  • The existing warning signs around the school, which are in poor condition, would be replaced.
  • New signs warning of the traffic calming would be provided.
  • The proposal will introduce a coloured road surface to the West area, where it meets Clay Pits Lane. This aims to deter drivers from using Battinson Road as an alternative to Hanson Lane.

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