Verges and Trees

Highway verges

Most of the highway verges and landscaped areas along the highway are maintained by Calderdale Council. They grass is cut and weed killing is carried out regularly to keep them in good condition.

Grass verges are an attractive part of our highways. Please do not park or drive or ride over them. You may cause irreparable damage to the grass or cause costly damage to services running underneath them (i.e. gas pipes, electricity cables or cable television apparatus).

It should be noted that in some areas the grass verges and landscaped areas are not public and will therefore be maintained by the owners, residents association or Together Housing for example.

Highway trees

Trees which grow in highways land or adopted land, such as verges or in the footway, are classed as highway trees or street trees. These trees were planted with good intention many years ago to improve the public realm. Many, like Sycamore, Horse Chestnut and Lime, and have matured to a size which has affects nearby structures including walls, footways, kerbs and roads. The damage they cause often requires them to be removed in order to maintain the highway in a safe condition.

Overhanging vegetation

An obstruction of the highway can take many forms but one we come across more often is overhanging vegetation. Overhanging vegetation is where plants, bushes or trees from land adjacent to the highway grows out onto or over the highway and obstructs sight lines or restricts movement to both pedestrians and motorists. Householders should ensure that vegetation is cut back to remain within their boundary.

Report it online

You can report any problems with highway verges, trees, or overhanging vegetation online:


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