Traffic Signals

To ensure the traffic moves smoothly throughout Calderdale our traffic signals are managed centrally by Urban Traffic Control.

Traffic signals often become damaged following road traffic accidents, vandalism or inconsiderate driving.  The following information will assist us in locating and repairing the defect as quickly as possible:

  • Street name;
  • Nearest house number or landmark;
  • The type of signal;
  • A description of the problem (e.g. it has been hit / there is a sign missing / there are wires exposed);
  • If the damage was caused by a motorist a vehicle registration number will assist us in recouping any costs.

If you;

  • have any suggestions or concerns regarding the installation or improvement of traffic signals;
  • see someone damage any of the above ; or
  • know of any defective traffic light, pedestrian crossing or equestrian crossing please contact;
  • Username Highways & Engineering
  • Telephone 01422 288002

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