Dropped crossings FAQ

Can I apply for a dropped crossing?

Anyone can apply for a dropped crossing, provided that the reason for the crossing is to park a vehicle on your property and that you are the owner of the property. If you are not the owner of the property, a permission letter will need to be sent from the owner/landlord along with your application form.

Do I need planning permission?

Any dropped crossings on classified A roads will need to obtain planning permission before applying. The Streetworks department will only accept an application on an A road once planning permission has been granted. You will need to provide your planning reference number with your application once planning permission has been obtained. Dropped crossings on any other roads need not apply for planning permission beforehand.

Applicants are also reminded that hard paving frontages may need planning permission. Please visit the pages below for more information:

How much is the fee to apply?

Calderdale Council currently charge £105 for each dropped crossing application. This covers a Streetworks Inspector conducting a site visit before any work taking place to authorise the installation of the crossing. The Inspector will advise whether any street furniture, such as street lights, may need to be moved. They will also recommend how many kerbs can be lowered. We endeavour to work towards the current standard specification of three centres and two tapers. The fee also covers the Inspector conducting a final site visit after the work has been carried out to check it has been done to the correct specification. Calderdale Council do not carry out the work to lower the kerb, this will be done by an independent contractor and the fee for this will vary with each contractor. You will be responsible for paying the contractor.

Does an application guarantee authorisation to install a dropped crossing?

No. Various aspects such as crossing location, proximity to road junctions, bus stops and blind bends will be taken into account upon the initial inspection. If a crossing is deemed unfeasible from a construction perspective or unsafe from a road safety perspective, your application may be rejected.

How long does the authorisation from the Streetworks Inspector last?

Once the Inspector has conducted a site visit and authorised the installation of the dropped crossing, you have 12 months from that date to employ a contractor and ensure the work is completed. If the work has not been completed within this period, you will need to reapply for another inspection.

Which contractor should I use to carry out the work?

The contractor will need to be fully accredited under the New Roads and Street Works Act to work on the adopted highway. The Street Works Inspector will leave you with a list of accredited contractors and their contact details following his initial inspection in order for you to obtain quotes. If you wish to use an accredited contractor who is not on this list, they will need to forward copies of their accreditation to Streetworks and enforcement prior to carrying out any work.

How do I apply for a dropped crossing?

Complete the PDFDropped Crossing Application [PDF 134KB] form and email it to: streetworksandenforcement@calderdale.gov.uk . You can also post the application to the Ainsley's Depot address on the form and enclose a cheque for payment. The cheque should be made payable to 'Calderdale MBC', for the sum of £105.

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