Street lighting, traffic signs and bollards

We are responsible for the maintenance of approximately 30,000 street lights, illuminated bollards, railings and traffic signs throughout Calderdale.

We aim to attend a faulty street lights within 28 days. However, faults with the power supply will be passed to Northen Power Grid, which will take longer to resolve.

Report it online

If you would like a new street light or to report a faulty street light, please request it online.

Request a new street light

Report a street light fault

Lamp columns, illuminated / non-illuminated bollards, railings, street signs and street nameplates often become damaged following road traffic accidents, vandalism or inconsiderate driving. If you see someone damage any of the above please contact:

The following information will assist us in locating and repairing the defect as quickly as possible:

  • Street name;
  • Nearest house number or landmark;
  • Column number;
  • A description of the problem (e.g. the light is out / the light is constantly on / the light is flickering / the door is missing / there are wires exposed);
  • If the damage was caused by a motorist a vehicle registration number will assist us in recouping any costs.

Street signage

If you would like to request additional or new street signage please contact:

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