Roads, pavement defects and markings

Road and pavement defects

If you are aware of a defect in the highway, tell us. To respond to your enquiry quickly, we need as much of the following information as possible:

  • street name and area;
  • location along the street, i.e. is it near a house number or landmark?
  • detailed description of the defect;
  • your full name and a contact phone number;
  • if you are reporting damage, the date and approximate time the damage occurred;
  • person, company or vehicle registration responsible for the damage, (if known).

Report it online

Problems can be reported online:

Report a road or pavement defect

Report damaged or missing manhole cover

Paving Stone Theft

Theft of paving stones is a serious crime. Not only are the thieves creating a safety hazard for pedestrians, they are also stealing Calderdale’s heritage. Thefts of this nature have a significant impact on council resources, including the costs to make the area safe.

Report any suspicious actions to the Police on phone: 101, calls will be treated in confidence. If you prefer, you can make an anonymous report to: Crimestoppers .

Do not make any direct approach to anyone suspected of stealing paving stones.

Thefts can be reported to:


There are items of street furniture and property on the highway that is not the responsibility of Calderdale Council. These include:

  • cellar lights and covers;
  • phone boxes or cable cabinets;
  • inspection covers, stop tap boxes and fire hydrants.

Reports of damage to any of the above apparatus will be referred to the relevant utility company.

For details of road works in Calderdale, see: Roadworks

Road Markings

We carry out regular highway inspections to locate defective road markings. We also rely on members of the public informing us of lines that become faded where they live.

It is illegal for members of the public to place road marking on the adopted highways. Illegal road markings may be removed and the costs involved re-charged.

If you know of any defective lines, or If you would like to request additional or new street lining, contact us. We can offer advice and investigate whether lining is appropriate at the location you request:

Name: Highways and Engineering


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