Our service standards

The Highways Team is required to maintain its adopted roads and pavements to ensure they are safe to use.

We will

  • Make safe dangerous defects within 24 hours;
  • Repair other serious defects within 14 days;
  • Regularly inspect all our roads and pavements
  • Clear out roadside gullies and drains;
  • Start gritting major roads when snow fall or heavy frost is forecast;
  • Weed spray roads and pavements throughout the year with safe chemicals;
  • Keep the grass cut short on urban highway verges;
  • Keep the grass cut short at sight lines on rural highways verges.

You can help us by

  • Reporting any damage, vandalism or theft;
  • Not damaging pavements by parking on them;
  • Keeping trees and hedges trimmed to avoid overhanging;
  • Not obstructing pavements with commercial displays;
  • Taking care not to block roadside gullies - for example when swilling out concrete mixers.

We do not

  • Repair water leaks. Please report these to Yorkshire Water on 0845 1242429.
  • Look after the motorways. Please contact A One+ Integrated Highway Services on 0300 1235000
  • Maintain private roads.

If you are unhappy

If you have made contact with us recently and not received this level of service or are unhappy with the content of the above please contact

  • Username Highways & Engineering
  • Telephone 01422 288002
or Request or report it online

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