Drainage and gullies

Highway drainage requires routine maintenance to ensure the systems don’t become blocked and identify any damage.

In new road construction drainage systems are designed specifically to remove the water from the highway. Many older roads have less sophisticated systems, but all have features designed to take the water away i.e. culverts, ditches, catch pits and soak-aways.

There are hundreds of thousands of gullies across Calderdale that are emptied and cleansed as part of our annual proactive maintenance programme.

It is possible for drainage systems to become blocked even with regular maintenance. Heavy rainfall can overload a system, mud and leaves can cause blockages and covers can become damaged.

Report it online

If you notice a problem with a drainage system you can report problems online:

Request gully cleansing

Report flooding on the road

Report damaged or missing manhole cover


In heavy rain conditions we work closely with the Environment Agency to monitor and respond to highway drainage problems guided by the:  Flood Warnings . Sirens are installed to warn of flooding across the Upper Calder Valley.

Up-to-date information on the status of the main river in Calderdale, can be found at: Environment Agency: flooding , or by phoning: 0845 988 1188 (Floodline).

For further information, see: Flooding or Emergencies .

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