Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Speed Indicator Device (SID) in van

SID is a mobile temporary Speed Indicator Device aimed at alerting passing motorists to the speed they are travelling and to raise awareness of local speed limits. If a motorist is passing below the speed limit SID will show a smiley face as a form of reward, but if they are travelling above the speed limit it will display a sad face to remind them to slow down.

The device records the speed and the number of vehicles passing a location. We then analyse the data in order to identify areas where speeding traffic may be a problem, allowing us to assess the need for further action. However, as SID is used as an educational tool, vehicle registration details are not recorded.

We hope that these devices will reduce speeding in local areas and encourage motorists to remain within the speed limit, helping the community to feel safer and to meet targets in reducing road casualties. It also works in conjunction with the implementation of 20mph speed limits in residential areas and should help to enforce this change, as well as helping speeds around Calderdale to continue to decrease.

Our scheme aims to encourage communities to get involved with the locations of these signs and we ask that you get in touch and request locations for SID. This is an innovative scheme for Calderdale as SID is transported in a specially designed van which can hold the device whilst it records speeds.

To have SID on your street contact:

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