Road safety education and training

We provide education and training to all road users, from early years through to secondary school.

Pre-school advice and school education

Children's early years are vital to the development of their road safety awareness. We provide advice for parents of pre-school and nursery children. We also give a structured education and training programme for Primary and Secondary school children, see: Road safety education .

Independent travel training for students with SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities)

Independent travel training is a structured programme designed to teach students how to travel independently. It is for students who have special educational needs, or who are particularly vulnerable, see: Independent travel training .

Cycle training

We offer a variety of cycle training courses for anyone who wants to learn about riding safely, see: Cycling .

Driving advice

THINK! provides road safety information for road users including information on drink driving, drug driving, seatbelts, mobile phones and motorcycling.

The UK Highway Code also offers advice on driving in adverse weather conditions and first aid on the road.


For education and training advice, contact: