Traffic Cone Hire

Parking Services can loan you cones for special events, as long as the stock is available. You can make a request by contacting 01422 392171.

Alternatively, you can complete the PDFApplication for loan of traffic cones.pdf [PDF 86KB] and return it to


You can collect the cones yourself or have up to 30 cones delivered for a charge of £25. A full list of terms and conditions are show below. 

Note: the cones are only advisory and we cannot issue Penalty Charge Notices for anyone parking in the area where they are placed.

Terms and conditions of hiring cones

  1. Collected cones
    Collected cones must be returned to the above address within 5 working days from the end of the event. If they are not returned an invoice will automatically be sent to the customer - this will include a £25.00 administration charge.
  2. Delivered cones
    A payment of £25 will be payable before the cones are delivered and only up to 30 cones will be delivered
  3. Late requests (less than 7 days notice)
    A £25.00 late booking charge is payable
  4. Refundable deposits
    A refundable deposit may be requested to cover lost or missing or damaged cones – on receipt of all loaned cones - this will be refunded.
  5. Calderdale Council reserves the right to remove the cones if misused or required for traffic management.
  6. All applicants must hold insurance, which indemnifies Calderdale Council against any third party claim arising from the placing of traffic cones. For further advice contact your insurance provider.
  7. Any lost cones will be charged at £20.00 each.
  8. Any invoices which have to be raised for less than £50.00 will result in an administration charge of £25.00 being added to the invoice total.