Resident and visitor permits

Apply for or renew a permit

Permits are currently £25 each, and a charge of £25 is made for the replacement of lost / stolen or damaged permits.

If you think you qualify for a Residents' Parking Permit and you would like to apply for one, you can apply online.

Permit applications and payments

If this is the first time you have applied for permits you will be asked to provide proof of residency, this can be a domestic council tax bill (we can check this without you needing to provide it) or a tenancy agreement (utility bills are not accepted).

Residents' Parking Schemes are set up in areas where residents have experienced problems with on street parking. These problems can be caused by vehicle congestion, often from businesses or shoppers. To alleviate parking problems in these areas, the areas are reserved or restricted and the residents are issued with parking permits.

Only people who live in properties within a special zone can be issued with residents parking permit. A residents' parking scheme is created through a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). Only residents whose properties are listed in this order qualify for permits. Please note that businesses are not eligible for permits, however, if an individual permanently resides at the property a permit may be applied for.

Resident permit parking areas are identified by signs that display 'Permit Holders' and the specific zone number. The area is also marked on the road surface by a broken white line. It is not divided into individual bays so users are requested to show consideration to other users by using the space sensibly. You may find that some areas are reserved for residents after a specific time and the rest of the time are shared with pay and display customers.

To find out if your property is listed in a residents' parking scheme, contact;

The permits

There are two types of Residents' Parking Permits available.

  1. Residents' Permits: These display a specific vehicle registration number.
  2. Visitor Permits: These display the residents address details and no vehicle registration number, so can be checked if necessary.

Up to three permits are allowed per household, these can be any combination of residents and visitors permits, however this is dependant on the availability of parking spaces in the area and the details written in the TRO. One permit must be clearly displayed in each vehicle parked.

Calderdale Council's Civil Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing the restrictions in these areas.

Permits are currently £25 each, and a charge of £25 is made for the replacement of lost / stolen or damaged permits.

All residents / visitor permits last for a period of 12 months, however, the start date will depend on the area in which you live. Each area has a specific start date, therefore if you move into a property during the 12 months you will be issued a permit with a start date that is the same as the rest of the permits in the area.

How to renew an existing permit

Every year approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the expiry of your existing permits a renewal letter will be sent to you as a reminder that your permits are due to expire. If you do not receive a letter telephone 01422 392171.

Misuse of permits

Any permits found or reported as being misused will be investigated and subsequently withdrawn.

Please see: PDFTerms and Conditions - Resident and Visitor Permit [PDF 128KB]

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