Using your blue badge

The badge may only be used when the badge holder is driving or being transported in the vehicle. It may not be used by a friend, relative or helper even when providing a service for the disabled badge holder such as shopping unless the badge holder is travelling with them.

In Calderdale, Blue Badge holders may park free of charge and without time limit in on-street pay and display areas and in any Calderdale Council managed car parks unless a local traffic order, specifying a time limit for holders of Blue Badges is in force indicated by signage. Badge holders must always park within a bay in car parks.

Yellow lines

Blue Badge holders may usually park on double or single yellow lines for up to 3 hours except where there is a loading / unloading ban in force which will be indicated by signage and / or one or two yellow marks on the kerb.

Limited waiting

Blue Badge Holders may park without time limit in limited waiting bays, excluding those bays designated solely for disabled badge holders. Where the parking bay is restricted to disabled badge holders only, then they are restricted to the time limit and no return periods displayed on the signs.

Care should be taken to ensure that no obstruction or danger is caused to other road users.

Using the parking benefits

  • The Blue Badge must be displayed on the top of the dashboard or facia panel of the vehicle with the front of the badge (i.e. the side showing the wheelchair user symbol) facing forward so that the relevant details are legible from outside the vehicle;
  • When parking on yellow lines or in a reserved parking place for badge holders which has a time limit, the parking disc (clock) must be displayed next to the badge and set to show the time of arrival;
  • The vehicle must be parked wholly within a marked bay;
  • Care should be taken to ensure that no obstruction or danger is caused to other road users.

The Blue Badge is not a licence to park anywhere. You must not park in areas reserved for a specific user, for example:

  • Permit holders areas;
  • Loading bays;
  • Taxi and cycle bays;
  • Suspended bays;
  • Zig zag markings;
  • Clearways.

Facilities for Blue Badge holders in Halifax town centre

For information about car parks with reserved disabled parking spaces, see Halifax parking

There are 'on street' parking facilities reserved exclusively for badge holders at the following locations:

Blue Badge parking locations
Location Number of spaces
Alexandra Street 6
Commercial Street 10
Gaol Lane 5
George Street 4
Northgate 4
Old Market 7
Rawson Street 3
Thomas Street 1
Wade Street 9
Westgate 2

Please note that misuse of a Blue Badge is a serious offence and you may be liable for a fine of up to £1,000.

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