Halifax Town Centre - On Street Parking

Disabled (blue badge) parking

Designated Bays for Blue Badge holders are located on Alexandra Street, Commercial Street, Corporation Street, Gaol Lane, Northgate, Old Market, Rawson Street, Thomas Street, Wade Street and Westgate.

Loading bays

Loading bays are for loading and unloading only and this activity must be seen to be taking place. Check street signs for local restriction times.

Designated bays for loading are located on Albion Street, Alexandra Street, Commercial Street, Horton Street, John Street, King Edward Street, Market Street, Northgate, Old Cock Yard, Powell Street, Princess Street, Shakespeare Street, Union Street, Waterhouse Street and Westgate.


Designated motorcycle parking bays can be found on Silver Street, however, motorcycles can park in any pay and display bay, (on or off street) for free.

Pay and Display bays

Charging times: Monday – Saturday 8am - 6pm.

There are four tariff bands in place in Halifax town Centre – these are detailed below: 

Maximum stay Tariff
1 hour 70p per 30 minutes
2 hour 70p per 30 minutes
4 hour

50p per hour

10 hour

50p per hour or £3.50 over 7 hours

Locations of Pay and Display bays

Street name Maximum stay Contract Permits
Alexandra Street 1 hour No
Alfred Street East 4 hours No
Back Lord Street 4 hours No
Berwick Street 4 hours No
Blackwall (between Harrison Road and Ferguson Street) 4 hours  No
Blackwall (between Ferguson Street and Bull Close Lane) 10 hours Yes
Bowling Dyke 10 hours Yes
Bull Close Lane (between Ferguson Street and Regent Street) 4 hours  No
Bull Close Lane (between Regent Street and West Parade) 10 hours Yes
Carlton Place 4 hours No
Carlton Street 4 hours No
Carlton Terrace 4 hours No
Causeway 10 hours Yes
Chapeltown 10 hours Yes
Clare Road (between New Road and Prescott Street) 4 hours No
Clare Road (between Prescott Street and Hunger Hill) 10 hours Yes
Coleridge Street 4 hours No
Commercial Street 1 hour No
Corporation Street 10 hours Yes
Cripplegate 10 hours Yes
Cross Hills 10 hours Yes
Crossley Street 2 hours No
Crown Street 2 hours No
Delph Street 10 hours Yes
Dispensary Walk 4 hours No
George Street 2 hours No
Gibbet Street 10 hours Yes
Great Albion Street 4 hours No
Hall Street 10 hours Yes
Hanover Street 10 hours Yes
Harrison Road 4 hours No
High Street 10 hours Yes
Horton Street 2 hours No
Hunger Hill 10 hours Yes
King Cross Street 10 hours Yes
King Street 10 hours Yes
Lee Bridge 10 hours Yes
Lister Lane 10 hours Yes
Lord Street 10 hours Yes
Mount Street 4 hours No
Mulcture Hall Road 10 hours Yes
New Road 4 hours No
Northgate 1 hour (between Old Market and Crossley Street)
4 hours (opposite Dews Garage)
Old Market 1 hour No
Oxford Road 10 hours Yes
Pine Street 4 hours No
Powell Street (between Rawson Street and Fountain Street) 2 hours (between Rawson Street and Fountain Street) No
Powell Street (between Fountain Street and Trinity Street) 4 hours No
Prescott Street 4 hours No
Princess Street 1 hour No
Rawson Street 2 hours No
Regent Street 4 hours No
Silver Street 2 hours No
Skircoat Road (Outbound) 10 hours Yes.
Skircoat Road (Inbound) Parking only permitted between 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm on Saturdays, due to the bus lane. Yes
St James Court 10 hours Yes
St James Road (between St James Street and Broad Street) 4 hours No
St James Road(near St James Court) 10 hours Yes
St James Street 10 hours Yes
South Parade 10 hours Yes
Town Hall Street East 2 hours No
Trinity Road 4 hours No
Union Street (between Horton Street and Westgate) 1 hour  No
Union Street (between New Road and Horton Street) 4 hours No
Union Street South 10 hours Yes
Upper Kirkgate 4 hours No
Victoria Street 4 hours No
Wade Street 4 hours No
Wards End 2 hours No
Waterhouse Street 2 hours No
Wellington Street South 10 hours Yes

Note: Check tariff information at each Pay and Display machine.

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