Car parks and on-street parking

Location of car parks and on-street parking in Brighouse, Elland, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge and Todmorden.

Advertising on car parks

Unauthorised advertising in Council car parks is not allowed. This includes flyers left on vehicles and posters on 'pay and display' machines. It is annoying for most people and the Council takes a hard line on this.

If you see advertising in car parks, which seem unauthorised, or get flyers on your vehicle, report it to Parking Services. They will investigate and may prosecute the advertiser.

Requests for use of car parks

If you want to use Council car parks for events, or special circumstances, contact Parking Services for permission. Using spaces in a car park for storage, activities, or other purpose other than parking vehicles, is not allowed.

Requests for minor traffic and parking improvements

You can request yellow lines, dedicated parking bays and resident only parking schemes, see: Minor traffic and parking improvement scheme

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