Highway Infrastructure Asset Management

Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP)

The HIAMP sets out how the Council will best manage its highway network. This considers customer needs, local priorities, asset condition and the best use of available resources.

This presents the Council's strategy for the management of our highway assets (at November 2016). It allows planning over both the short and long-term, while delivering a minimum whole-life cost approach to our Highway assets.


Public Satisfaction

National Highways and Transportation Network (NHT) Survey

The NHT Public Satisfaction survey collects public views on and satisfaction with, Highway and Transport services in local authority areas. For details of the current survey, please visit: 2017 survey results page .

Current Ranking

In West Yorkshire, Calderdale are ranked 3rd.

Nationally, we are ranked 50th out of the 112 councils that took part in the survey.

It is a unique, standardised, collaboration between Highway Authorities across the UK. It enables comparison, knowledge sharing and the potential to improve efficiencies by sharing 'good practice'. It gives the Council:

  • a better understanding of how it is performing in the eyes of the public;
  • a consistent datum for setting service levels and a means of measuring the impact of service improvements;
  • access to the best performers and the opportunity to learn from the good practice of others;
  • full transparency of data for benchmarking purposes.

The NHT survey is undertaken each year in association with Ipsos MORI.

This involves the distribution of around 3,000 questionnaires throughout the district. The results of the survey are published in October.


Highway Infrastructure Maintenance Schemes

Candidate schemes for each asset group will be identified from studies of the condition data applicable to that asset group.

Programs of work for each asset group will be prioritised using factors from the Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan. 

These are grouped together under the term CASSEM:

  • Congestion;
  • Accessibility;
  • Stakeholder;
  • Safety;
  • Environment;
  • Maintenance.

The prioritised list of schemes will be the basis of the yearly programme of works for the individual assets. This will be defined once the funding available has been finalised.


Highways Risk Register

Highway authorities are required to manage a variety of risks at strategic and operational levels.

The likelihood and consequences of these risks can be used to inform and support Calderdale’s approach to asset management and inform key decisions regarding performance, investment and implementation of works programmes.


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