Early intervention support

Raising a family is the most important job that you can do. The rewards are great but it can be very challenging along the way.

At some point, you may need some extra help. We are here for you!

Early Intervention Support teams are here to help and support you no matter how big or small your problem.

Do you need help with your child’s behaviour?

  • To deal with anger management or family conflict;
  • cope with stress;
  • or put you in contact with specialist support services to provide the support that you need.

Do you need help because your child is having problems at school?

We can help improve your child’s attendance and performance at school by:

  • helping you get your child to go to school and get there on time;
  • point you in the direction of established support services, such as breakfast clubs, after school and holiday clubs;
  • working with you to find the right support that your family needs.

Do you need some support because you are going through a difficult time?

We can support you during difficult times such as separating from your partner or a family bereavement.

We can help you:

  • find the right services to guide and support you;
  • make appointments for you and attend them with you, if you like;
  • and help your family become happier and healthier.

Do you need help following the arrival of a new baby?

Local Children's centres can help you and your family with:

  • new parenting skills and courses;
  • midwife and health visitor drop in sessions;
  • breast feeding peer support;
  • and Stay and Play childcare.

Do you need help because you have had a family crisis that you cannot cope with?

We can support you during difficult times, whatever the issue is, please come and speak to us.

We can support you to:

  • find the right help and services for you;
  • make appointments and attend these with you, if you would like us to;
  • and help you and your family to become healthier and happier.

Local services

Each Early Intervention team has created a booklet of local services available within their area. These services are for children, young people and families, they cover:

  • early intervention and safeguarding;
  • children's social care;
  • specialist services;
  • universal services;
  • before school;
  • schools;
  • growing up (transition to adulthood);
  • and sports and leisure.

Early Intervention Strategy

The Early intervention Strategy refers to a way that means providing interventions to support and build resilience amongst children, young people and their families.

Training for professionals working with children, young people and their families

The Early Intervention Support Strategy provides core training for all professionals working with children, young people and their families in Calderdale.

For more details, see: Learning and development programme .

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Upper Valley

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Lower Valley

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Halifax Central

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Halifax North and East

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