Children with medical needs

The Council has a statutory duty to provide suitable education provision for children and young people. This is for those who do not, or cannot, attend full-time education normally, e.g. due to long-term medical needs.

The Medical Needs team is a group of experienced teachers. They work with schools and parents / carers of a child or young person. The aim is to provide a balanced curriculum, but with a main focus on English, Mathematics and Science. All curricular planning and resources are provided by the school.

What support is provided?

We will give regular support and teaching appropriate to the child's or young person's needs. This will be at a suitable venue, which can be:

  • at home;
  • within a school or centre;
  • or on the Calderdale Royal Children's ward.

Regular review meetings will be arranged and include the school and parents / carers of the child or young person. These will usually be informal, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time related) target meetings.

There is guidance available for schools to make sure pupils with medical needs continue to be included in school life. It also covers managing medication. To see more on this, please read: PDFPolicy on the education of children with medical needs [PDF 205KB] .

How do I access the service?

Your child's or young person's school will complete a referral form. This form has to be signed by you to confirm consent of the referral.

A referral due to long-term medical needs requires medical evidence from their medical consultant or specialist(s). This must come with the form. Sourcing the medical evidence is the responsibility of the parents / carers. The referral form and all supporting medical evidence should be returned to the Medical Needs team .

For a copy of the referral form, please download: PDFMedical Needs referral form [PDF 64KB] .

What happens next?

A meeting will be arranged with the school, you and your child or young person. Where possible, this will be within five working days of receipt of the referral form and all supporting medical evidence.

The initial meetings are a chance to get to know you and your child or young person. Times for the teaching sessions will be made and you can discuss concerns or issues that you may have.

Contact the Medical Needs Team

  • Username Medical Needs team
  • Telephone 01422 394118
  • Address
    PO Box 51
    HX1 1TP

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